Brianne Sheridan

Brianne Sheridan
Brianne Sheridan was born into an ambitious self-employed family. She was largely raised in Geralyn & Bill's property management office and even asked for her own office for Christmas when she was three. Brianne's professional journey with Geralyn Sheridan Designs started off in part time sales at the Jewelry Box Gallery during high school and throughout her time at Chico State. After several years in her corporate PR & marketing career, the completion of her graduate degree, and feeling some corporate burnout, she decided to return to the family business on both the real estate and the jewelry design sides. Brianne has been residing in the Denver Metro Area since 2016 and is the proud dog mom of three. In her free time, she is a musical theatre lover, craft been enthusiast, and self proclaimed sockey (soccer and hockey) fan.

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Understanding Fine Jewelry Pricing

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Oct 14, 2020 4:24:08 PM

Ever see a photo of jewelry and fall in love... until you scroll down far enough to find the price? We've all been there. But why is some jewelry expensive while some is cheap? Let's dive in. 

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Gemstone of the Month: Garnet

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Oct 1, 2020 10:51:32 AM

No, we're not talking about birthstones, we’re talking about gemstones you can enjoy no matter when you were born!

For October, we're featuring a gorgeous gemstone that’s perfect for autumn… garnet!

Here are our top three reasons to have garnets in your jewelry box:

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Give to Help Okizu Rebuild, Gift Yourself a Cancer Awareness Pendant

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Sep 16, 2020 3:07:05 PM

September is a special month for our family. It is childhood cancer awareness month, blood cancer awareness month, and holds the anniversary of Geralyn's daughter's last day of treatment for leukemia. Brianne's cancer diagnosis at age 15 changed her life and our family forever, as any cancer diagnosis does. So a few months ago, we resolved to do something that would both help the childhood cancer community and give customers a special piece.

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Gemstone of the Month: Amethyst

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Sep 3, 2020 3:43:38 PM

Our apologies for the delay in the delivery of your monthly, non-birthstone featured gemstone! We held off on sharing the GotM so we could let everyone know about our efforts for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but the wait is over!

For September we're featuring the purple gem that doesn't get enough credit… amethyst!

Here are our top three reasons why amethyst is worthy of the spotlight this month:

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Plating, Vermeil, & Alloys: Oh My!

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Aug 25, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Let’s talk about gold! Jewelry that looks gold, is not always gold. In fact, even fine jewelry that actually is gold, is not pure.

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Define Redefining

Geralyn Sheridan has been redefining elegance in the jewelry industry by focusing on eco-friendliness, utilizing naturally beautiful textures, and incorporating fluid movement in each of her fine jewelry designs.

Her years of experience as a designer/goldsmith combined with her credentials as a GIA Graduate Gemologist give her a unique perspective on and a true expertise in jewelry making, precious metals, and gemstones. 

Whether you're a jewelry lover, maker, or seller, we're sure this blog will pique your interest.

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