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Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Feb 23, 2021 9:45:00 AM
Brianne Sheridan

Geralyn's creations are always focused on unexpected textures and fluid movements. Her Natural Textures collection transforms the textures found in nature into gorgeous pieces of fine jewelry. With such an intriguing collection, we just had to learn more in her own words. 

Natural Textures Collection Grouping: Oak Bark Pendant, Oak Bark Earrings, Willow Branch RingWhat inspired you to start casting natural, found items?

The first time I saw a branch that had been cast, I was just in awe of how beautiful and cool it was. I was amazed that when you cast something into metal, the natural texture just stands out so much more - and it's permanent. So I just kept casting natural stuff.

What is your creation process like?

It's pretty much like "Aha!" when I see something and get the idea to cast it. Like with the sugar crystals I just saw them and it was like "Ooh, what will those look like?" and it was an invitation to experiment. Since the sugar crystals dissolve in water, I had to figure out the technical aspects of casting them.

Walk me through how you make these pieces. 

I visualize it as jewelry first, then I cast pieces based on what jewelry it will work for. Just the idea that you can cast anything that burns leaves so much room for creativity.

After I visualize the piece, I use wax to sprue up the item and then just cast it and see what it comes out like. Sometimes I choose to take the impression of the texture in wax and then cast the piece. I have done this with sugar, fingerprints, and more.

Natural Textures Collection: The Sweet Love Engagement & Wedding Ring Set

It's all completely experimental. Sometimes it's a success and sometimes it's a failure. Sometimes when things don't work out, I can find a technique that works, and sometimes I can't, but it's an exciting and fun process. 

How would you describe the Natural Textures collection?

They're all just interesting textures. I see the patterns in nature and just think they're so cool. I'm intrigued by the visuals of the natural textures, and the idea that you could permanently make that into precious metal, and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I get to capture nature's art, which is just so damn cool. 

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Define Redefining

Geralyn Sheridan has been redefining elegance in the jewelry industry by focusing on eco-friendliness, utilizing naturally beautiful textures, and incorporating fluid movement in each of her fine jewelry designs.

Her years of experience as a designer/goldsmith combined with her credentials as a GIA Graduate Gemologist give her a unique perspective on and a true expertise in jewelry making, precious metals, and gemstones. 

Whether you're a jewelry lover, maker, or seller, we're sure this blog will pique your interest.

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