Ribbons of Eye Candy

Posted by Brianne Sheridan on Jan 29, 2021 9:00:00 AM
Brianne Sheridan

Geralyn's creations are always focused on unexpected textures and fluid movements, but the first style that came out in her work is all about the latter. Her Ribbons collection is curvy, elegant, and inspired. 

Assorted Ribbons Collection Jewelry PiecesThe Inspiration

The Ribbons collection was originally inspired by a nostalgic sweet treat, ribbon candy. These days, you can usually find ribbon candy during the winter holidays, but you've got to look a little harder than in the past. Still, many people cherish the memories of receiving a ribbon of  candy from a loved one.

This style was one of Geralyn's first creations as a jewelry designer, but it was not the first time these curves had come to be in her art. When she had created artistic pottery in the 90's, similar curves (on a larger scale) often made their way into her art. It wasn't until she found herself making these same curves out of silver and gold that the ribbon candy connection clicked.

Through honing her skills and refining her designs, Geralyn was able to redefine the elegance of this sweet treat. She transformed the signature curves of this delicate confection into beautifully wearable eye candy.

Assorted Ribbons Collection Pieces with GemstonesThe Creation

The Ribbons collection is created in a few different ways. Some pieces are completely created through fabrication, some are created entirely through lost wax casting, and some are created with a combination of the two. 

When fabricating pieces from gold sheets and wire, Geralyn can create big, bold looks that aren't heavy or too expensive, or she can create more delicately elegant pieces. Lost wax casting allows for more sculptural, winding curves, but those pieces do tend do have more gold weight and therefore can be more expensive. No matter which creation process is used, our ribbons of gold make for some truly striking eye candy. 

Assorted Ribbons Collection Pieces with PearlsThe Collection

Aesthetically, the Ribbons collection is all about curves and movement. To Geralyn, it's also a nostalgic connection to her childhood and her family.

Whether fashioned into earrings, a pendant, or a custom clasp for your pearls, our ribbons of show off their shine with every move you make. They look great with diamonds, colored stones, or pearls, but can also stand on their own as simply striking fine jewelry. 

Ribbons can be big and bold or soft and subtle. They can be simple or elaborate. They may have stones or they may stand alone. But no matter what, each Ribbons piece embodies curvy elegance. 

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Define Redefining

Geralyn Sheridan has been redefining elegance in the jewelry industry by focusing on eco-friendliness, utilizing naturally beautiful textures, and incorporating fluid movement in each of her fine jewelry designs.

Her years of experience as a designer/goldsmith combined with her credentials as a GIA Graduate Gemologist give her a unique perspective on and a true expertise in jewelry making, precious metals, and gemstones. 

Whether you're a jewelry lover, maker, or seller, we're sure this blog will pique your interest.

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